Rhyme. For a Change.

It’s a Dog’s Life


As a Life Coach I’ve discovered something very worthwhile –

Something sure to make every dog lover smile!


Acting way more like your dog is really the key –

To living in the NOW quite effortlessly!


Having always had dogs, I can tell you for sure –

That whatever ails you – your dog probably has the cure!


They know just how to focus to feel the best,

And they are extremely good at disregarding all the rest.


Sometimes when we’re walking and I want to turn right –

Maddie stops in her tracks to put up a fight…


But, if I insist on going my way, never fear –

She immediately comes along – without shedding a tear.


Within one second, she’s happily looking around –

Open to whatever exciting thing that could possibly be found!


Dogs never focus on what they don’t want for long –

They look for the next thing that they DO want, and move along!


What a gift they have – not to be sad and dwell,

On a situation that did not happen to go too well!


Maddie also teaches me about the virtue of patience each day –

Time is never an issue for her in any way!


When I say we’re going to go for a walk, she doesn’t stress –

Even though I sometimes take forever to get ready, I must confess!


And whenever I stop to chat with a friend along the street,

She just lies down beside me, and naps at my feet.


She’s never in a big hurry to get things done,

But, she is always up for anything that seems like fun!


As for unconditional love – that is how dogs live –

It’s the only kind of love they seem to know how to give!


They are able to love us without judgment or blame –

Wouldn’t it be amazing if humans could do more of the same?


Try modeling your dog, and you just may find,

That this practice will help you to learn to unwind.


Dogs know it’s great to have a job…for part of the day,

But sometimes you just have to play, play, play!


So all in all, if you decide to try all of the above –

Your life will be more like your dog’s – full of joy and love!

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Rhyme. For a Change.

Shame on Me


I think I remember the first time I felt shame inside –

When something happened that made me want to run and hide.


I was in a Grade 5 gym class – my first attempt to climb rope,

When the teacher mockingly told me I didn’t have a hope.


If instead he would have helped me to build some confidence and strength –

I know I would have gone to any length…


Instead he made me feel terrible about myself,

And I shoved any interest in being an athlete to the back of the shelf!


And, even though I excelled at everything else at school,

This “failure” made me believe that I couldn’t be “cool.”


Sadly, we often take for granted whatever we can do well –

It’s the areas where we fear we’re “less than” that we tend to dwell!


At school I had a good friend who wasn’t academically great,

And the teachers made her feel like she just didn’t rate.


But she was so pretty, and nice, and as popular as could be –

That she had the best life ever, seemed so clear to me!


Years later she told me that she had wished for my life

Because her school days were filled with constant shame and strife!


So, we both felt socially like we were not good enough –

But our shame was the result of some very different stuff.


We know a lot now about how a childhood scar

Often continues to have a strong impact on who we are.


Brené Brown explains how “shame gremlins” can have a lifelong effect,

On who we become, and how well we connect.


But, though it’s true they play a part in how we learn to relate,

Our old patterns do not have to be in control of sealing our fate!


She talks about “whole-hearted living,” and I’ve come to believe

That this is a way of life I really want to achieve.


I have the intention, and I’m finding my way,

And I am so grateful for what I’m learning every day!


We can all transform our lives once we decide

To take responsibility for being in charge of this ride!


It’s called being “at cause” in NLP –

Not at the effect of others – continually!


And, really, when all is said and done –

Being the driver of your own bus is way more fun!

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Rhyme. For a Change.

Best-Case Scenario


I realized something quite important today,

And I wanted to write about it right away.


You know I am a big proponent of living in NOW –

And I do a lot of practicing to better learn how.


But, since it often seems impossible not to think ahead…

I’d rather imagine a positive outcome – not something I dread!


I understand that chemically in my brain,

This will cause me to feel pleasure NOW – instead of pain.


Be a realist people tell me – but what does that mean?

They seem to want me to prepare myself for a negative scene.


Is an unwanted outcome always more true?

And what does being prepared for the worst really do for you?


Your brain will respond by releasing hormones of distress,

As if you were actually in the middle of a mess!


And, guess what – a mess is what actually ensues,

If this is the option you continually choose!


Since we can’t really know the future for sure –

Why is it considered less intelligent to believe in a cure?


Neuroscience has actually shown that this is a lie!

It’s smarter to think positively – and (simply) this is why…


With negative thinking stress hormones start to satiate,

And our brain function is lower in that particular state!


So being able to focus on problems, and make them expand –

Does NOT mean you are the smartest in the land!


It turns out imagining the best-case scenario,

Seems to be a much better way to go!


The best part is that you get to be happier today,

With more energy to find solutions…come what may…


So here’s my story – I just wrote a kids’ book,

And I sent it out so the literary world can take a look.


I have absolutely no idea what anyone will say,

But I’m feeling very hopeful and excited anyway!


As soon as I pressed “SEND” what I began to see –

Were little kids reading my book on their parents’ knee.


I imagine seeing my books in my favorite bookstore,

And I see myself writing so many more!


Of course, I don’t know what the story will end up to be –

But am sure enjoying the way this version feels to me!


Isn’t it better than waiting thinking no one will reply?

Or that it’s really hard to break in, so why even try?


If you call me a dreamer, that’s really OK,

I’m so grateful for that ability every single day!

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