Rhyme. For a Change.

It’s a Dog’s Life


As a Life Coach I’ve discovered something very worthwhile –

Something sure to make every dog lover smile!


Acting way more like your dog is really the key –

To living in the NOW quite effortlessly!


Having always had dogs, I can tell you for sure –

That whatever ails you – your dog probably has the cure!


They know just how to focus to feel the best,

And they are extremely good at disregarding all the rest.


Sometimes when we’re walking and I want to turn right –

Maddie stops in her tracks to put up a fight…


But, if I insist on going my way, never fear –

She immediately comes along – without shedding a tear.


Within one second, she’s happily looking around –

Open to whatever exciting thing that could possibly be found!


Dogs never focus on what they don’t want for long –

They look for the next thing that they DO want, and move along!


What a gift they have – not to be sad and dwell,

On a situation that did not happen to go too well!


Maddie also teaches me about the virtue of patience each day –

Time is never an issue for her in any way!


When I say we’re going to go for a walk, she doesn’t stress –

Even though I sometimes take forever to get ready, I must confess!


And whenever I stop to chat with a friend along the street,

She just lies down beside me, and naps at my feet.


She’s never in a big hurry to get things done,

But, she is always up for anything that seems like fun!


As for unconditional love – that is how dogs live –

It’s the only kind of love they seem to know how to give!


They are able to love us without judgment or blame –

Wouldn’t it be amazing if humans could do more of the same?


Try modeling your dog, and you just may find,

That this practice will help you to learn to unwind.


Dogs know it’s great to have a job…for part of the day,

But sometimes you just have to play, play, play!


So all in all, if you decide to try all of the above –

Your life will be more like your dog’s – full of joy and love!

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