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Wabi Sabi: The Perfection of Imperfection


Is perfection something you strive to obtain?

And, by chance, does this ever cause you some pain?


What is this standard that we are trying to achieve?

Why is the need to be “perfect” what so many of us believe?


Although I know that perfection doesn’t really exist –

I find that feeling I should be achieving it still seems to persist!


When stuff is important to me, I love to excel –

And, I’m not saying it’s a problem to want to do well!


But, needing to be the best can really get in the way

Of accepting and loving ourselves – come what may.


If, in order to be convinced that I am worthy enough –

I have to be sure that I’ve got the ‘right stuff’…


If judging ourselves by how much we ‘do’ is the norm –

Then we damn always have to be able to perform!


I have come to see that there is a much healthier way,

To live our lives to the fullest each and every day!


What would happen if we gave ourselves more time to just ‘be’

By deciding to love ourselves – unconditionally?


My intention daily is to know deep inside,

That I don’t have to prove my worth every minute – to enjoy the ride!


This kind of self-acceptance gives us the resilience we need –

To play full out in the arena …and sometimes succeed!


Knowing we are perfectly imperfect is really the key,

To being able to live our lives more wholeheartedly!


Understanding the value of imperfection, helps us to resolve –

The fear of failure – so we can evolve!


So much energy can get wasted day and night –

Worrying about whether we’re getting it wrong or right.


There is something else I propose as a way better plan –

Check out the Wabi Sabi philosophy of art from ancient Japan.


They found beauty and honor in imperfection, you see –

Celebrating the wealth and depth of life experience quite naturally!


Cracks in pottery for example, were filled with gold –

And they are really quite something to behold.


The cracks meant that the vase had had a life,

And they believed there was beauty inherent in strife.


Is that how we acknowledge our ‘flaws’ today…

Or would we be more inclined to throw the vase away?


Instead of looking at our lives with such a critical eye –

How much fun would it be to give Wabi Sabi a try?


Maybe we can look beyond each action and word that is said –

And find the beauty in the imperfection of everyone instead!

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