Rhyme for a Change

Happy New Year!

It’s been quite a year – 2017,
I think just about everyone knows what I mean!

I guess I’ll deal with the elephant in the room right away –
Could it be possible that The Donald is here to stay?

My opinion for what it’s worth is an absolute “NO!”
He has done his part, and now he must go.

He woke up everyone who thought racism was “then” –
And he was unwittingly (of course) instrumental in the outing of MEN.

But, deciding climate change is something to deny…
And a President who so easily continues to tell lie after lie…

The whole U.S. situation inspires anger, frustration and fear,
But, my attention to it, actually made something really clear!

I finally realized that enough was enough –
I had to balance out the crazy with a lot more positive stuff!

So thank you, Mr. President for reminding me every day,
To seek and appreciate love and joy in every possible way!

This year I really made more time to take care of me –
So relaxing and recharging would come more naturally.

There is so much to access – to learn and enjoy galore,
With TED Talks and YouTube, and so much more!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day,
And all those old limiting patterns sometimes get in the way.

But, as I pause and reflect – stop doing, and just BE…
I know I am nourishing the best version of me.

If a way of knowing or feeling isn’t working for me,
I get that it is my job to set myself free.

The wonderful poet, Rumi says it all –
“Be like a tree and let your dead leaves fall.”

Of course, this is not always so easy to do –
Luckily there are many tools available that are tried and true!

Time in nature, gratitude, meditation, Tapping, Yoga, Qigong… to name a few,
Can all contribute to creating a better life for you!

My intention moving forward is to let those dead leaves fall away,
Allowing new buds to open to the light every day.

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