Rhyme. For a Change.

Inside Out



The Konmari Method is all the rage right now –

If you want to clean up your space. it will teach you how.


Getting rid of clutter and keeping things neat,

Is often quite a challenging feat!


But we all know life is better every day,

Living in an environment with good Feng Shui.


My job is often to help you clean up too –

The patterns of thought that aren’t working for you!


Judgment is the first negative pattern we often address –

We all feel much better when we do it much less!


We can’t stop judgment completely, but to keep it low –

The practice is to notice when we judge, and let it go…


It’s a simple process, but not so easy to do,

Because the person you judge the most is YOU!


Our negative self-talk is so familiar, you see –

That we accept it as the truth far too easily!



Once you start this practice, I must confess –

Seeing how much you judge may cause you some stress.


But I promise you it gets easier amazingly fast,

And the benefits of less judging will last and last!


I ask clients to start to look at which beliefs they know –

They will never really miss if they let them go.


Which thoughts come up over and over that make you feel sad?

I’m sure cleaning some of those out wouldn’t be bad!


Are you always worrying about what others think and say?

Wouldn’t it be great to send those worries on their merry way?


We have so many habits of thought stuck on instant replay,

And we get pretty used to thinking that way.


Even if we really want to transform and enjoy our lives more –

Shifting our unconscious perspectives can be quite a chore!


So be kind to yourself and supportive as you begin,

We all have “stuff” to get rid of – it’s not a sin.


This is not the kind of thing you can achieve overnight,

And there is not a wrong way, or one that is right!


How about making the important decision today,

That you will start sorting through your mind for stuff to give away?


Start slowly and be aware of how good it starts to feel,

To take charge of this process and begin to heal!

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Rhyme. For a Change.

The Joy of Authenticity


Brené Brown is someone I really respect,

And great insights are what I have come to expect…


She speaks with authority about research she knows well,

And that she cares deeply about her message is easy to tell!


Brené says being vulnerable is the way to be

In order to experience the joy of authenticity!


Because of her, many people are changing how they behave –

Accepting themselves with their fears, and learning to be brave.


It often seems so much easier to live life safe and small –

We all know that if we leap we could easily fall!


If we play full out in the “arena”, according to Brené,

We are going to get our asses kicked along the way!


But don’t we all know the bliss of feeling the burn –

The satisfaction of knowing we are taking our turn…


Whenever that inner voice says “What if?” and I get scared,

I do my best to imagine myself well prepared.


It’s really just humiliation I fear most – it’s true –

And that is not life threatening to me or to you.


I know that if I am really going to be my best self –

I can’t leave all the scary stuff way up on the shelf!


I love to be amazing at everything I do –

And I am definitely disappointed when that doesn’t end up to be true!


I also know that not every person will agree,

That I am as wonderful as I aspire to be.


And, with age and determination I can sometimes see the light –

That it’s more important to be happy than it is to be right!


It’s so much more fun to live my life in this way –

And to share that positive energy with others every day!


And if I ever start to feel a bit down…

I just click on YouTube for more Brené Brown!

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Rhyme. For a Change.


I loved being a mother, and I enjoyed every stage –

And what a gift to have this much love in my life again at this age!


Becoming a grandmother is the best thing to happen to me!

But it also brought me face to face with my mortality…


I’m ageless and timeless is what I would always say,

And the truth was that I really did feel that way.


But suddenly it became so important for me to be Here –

Which started to bring up all kinds of fear!


What if I couldn’t be the best Ommy in town?

What if I ever had to let those kids down?


Although I’m a life coach, I must confess –

It took me a while to realize I was creating this stress!


Even though I have the tools to see the cup overflowing –

It took my body some time to catch up with my knowing.


But, ultimately it made me even more determined to live in the now –

Made me stop asking “Why?” and instead look at How.


Not Why am I feeling so stressed – what’s wrong with me?

But How can I enjoy every moment… and age gracefully?


And cherish every second with those kids – believe me, I do!

There is absolutely nothing better in the world – it’s true!





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