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I am a Life Coach, a Business Coach and a Team Coach. I have worked with hundreds of people - individuals as young as elementary school students, and my oldest client so far was an 83 year-old man who wanted to make some changes in his life. I also coach entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and managers, professionals, athletes and sports teams.


"Paula had a very special way of unlocking my dream and my emotions around having a baby. I believe she helped me break through a serious block. I now have a beautiful 11 month old baby girl!"
Lisa C.

"Spending time with you as a Life/Business Coach was very calming. You helped to change my thinking patterns and when I put to work what you taught me, I found that these different ways of projecting myself really worked. AND, you taught me to be aware of the client, to focus, to listen without judging, and to understand their perspective."
Esther B.

Working with Paula as a Life Coach, I got a lot more than I was expecting. I came in looking for solutions, walked out with solutions, fresh perspectives, an open heart and a toolbox overflowing with tools that I keep extending into every area of my life. I've recommended her time and time again. The 'go to' place to expand any area of your life!
Kim M.

"Every time I feel like 'I can't', I make an appointment with Paula, and I already start to feel better. By the time I leave a coaching session, I always realize that 'I could' all along. I suppose going to therapy for years might also work, but I prefer getting results now. I don't need to know why I have my limitations. I just want to be free of them."
Frank N.

"If you want an out of body & mind experience that will help you face and conquer your inner demons, a few Coaching sessions with Paula will change your life and unconsciously unlock the positive energy inside you that helps you realize your dreams. The lessons she teaches you and your inner self will remain with you always. Two things that stood out for me are: thinking positively attracts good things, and instead of thinking about what I should have and should do - I just do it."
Marc R.

"Paula has had such a powerful and positive impact on the way I live my life and interpret my environment. Her focus has always been in providing me with tools that help me understand that I am the master of my own destiny. I alone can make myself happy, in love, scared, sad, proud. By harnessing this awareness and using it in the right way / my way, I have been able to own my experiences, be more engaged in whatever I am doing and surround myself with more positive relationships. I have flourished under her tutelage and learned to (and continue to learn to) live my life as free from judgment as possible and with greater meaning."
Joanne M.

In your very first session, you feel Paula's passion about NLP and her commitment to supporting you in your change process. As I am always the cynic, she never dodged a question from me and adjusted her techniques to respond to my 'doubting Thomas' perspective. She is knowledgable, creative, transparent and fun in her Coaching approach.
David H.

"When I engaged Paula, I had one goal that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to be a happy person. As a result of her coaching and using her techniques I am now better equipped as an individual to reach my goal. Paula has become my "Happy Coach" and in doing so has improved my quality of life immeasurably. I practice her exercises every day and there has been a significant change in the way I feel and conduct my business and personal life daily. I feel great!"
Michael M.

"I came to see Paula because I lost my job after 27 years of believing that was who I was. I was 52 years old, and my entire identity was wrapped up in my career and the lifestyle it afforded my family. I felt so lost! Several sessions of NLP Coaching made me realize that I had never really liked my job, and I had only stayed there because I was afraid to leave. Suddenly my life seemed full of possible choices. And I was in charge of making them. My life became an adventure, and I am now in better shape, I have a new wonderful relationship, and I am doing work that I love. And making more money than ever!
Kevin F.

"As a young professional who had never sought any kind of therapy in the past, it was difficult to know if I really needed help or if I should continue managing things the way I had before. Paula was a friend's referral and working together, she was able to quickly grasp the scope of my situation, and the challenges I needed to address in order to overcome them once and for all. Our coaching sessions led to a refreshed, renewed and broader spectrum of ways to approach life's ups and downs. The foundation for a healthier and happier way of dealing with situations has been laid."
Rachel W

Life Coaching

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