Relationship Coaching

Everything is about relationships. We are social beings who experience life through relationships. The values that drive us, and the beliefs that shape and interpret our 'reality' are learned through our early relationships with family and other people of influence.

Our emotional wellbeing is very connected to how good we feel in our personal, social, school and work interactions with others. Parents, siblings, children, extended family, teachers, friends, lovers, partners, associates, bosses, employees. Relationships matter!

NLP provides the best tools for positive, effective communication to enhance our ability to be our best as we relate to others in every context of our lives, and to get the most out of every experience.

A lot of my coaching work concerns understanding and improving relationships so that my clients will have more successful connections and therefore happier, more productive lives.

I often work very successfully with married couples, coaching the husband and wife separately to each find more fulfillment and develop better communication skills so they can be happier individuals and a better couple.

When a child or teenager is in trouble, it is often really helpful to coach the parents as well in order to ensure that the family system is healthy and will be supportive of positive changes for the child.

Relationship Coaching

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