Teen Coaching

I particularly love coaching young people because it is so much fun! Children, teens and twenty-something clients are naturally more willing to 'let go' of old patterns (that are not serving them) because they have not had so much time to become 'attached' to those patterns.

They are also very open to trying out new approaches. They have been learning everything by trying new things since they were born, and they haven't yet developed the adult notion that they are supposed to already know better, so they have little resistance.

I have had a lot of success with kids who are stressed out, diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, or suffering from performance anxiety, students with behavioral, academic, relationship and family problems, and high school and university graduates feeling uncertain about their purpose and their future.

NLP Coaching is extremely effective at providing these young people with life affirming tools that they find useful immediately; and it provides them with a sense of empowerment that they will have as a positive force for the rest of their lives.

Teen Coaching

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